• Since taking office, Craig Olive has returned 1.7 million dollars in unused funds from his budget.

• Due to automation in the office the Register of Deeds budget has decreased by 30%.

• Signed a 5 year contract for recording software that will save the county $300,000 over 5 years.

• May 24, 2007 became the first county in NC to accept an eRecording using the NC Secretary of State’s guidelines.

• We now offer digitized land records back to the start of the county, 1746, and we have digitized all vital records for easier access.

• Worked with Senator David Rouzer to help introduce a bill for a stronger Identity Protection Act.  Bill passed July 2009, allowing Register of Deeds to remove Social Security Numbers and Drivers License numbers from documents automatically.

• Implemented software to go through all of our documents and automatically find and flag all Social Security Numbers and Drivers License numbers. 

• February 2010, FIRST county in the Nation to electronically record a survey map.

• In February 2010, Craig Olive was awarded “The Honorary Keeper of the Constitution” by the North Carolina Secretary of States Office for striving to modernize and make public records more accessible while securing them at a historical level of safety.  This accomplishment has made the Johnston County Register of Deeds office a model for public record keeping in NC.

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